Introducing VAD

VAD, the non-profit association for alcohol and other drug problems, coordinates most of the Flemish organisations that deal with the issues of alcohol, illegal drugs, psychoactive medication, and gambling.
VAD wants to educate the public from a health and welfare perspective and improve the expertise of intermediaries about the handling of alcohol and other drugs.

Core functions

  • enable discussion within society about alcohol and drug issues;
  • expand (inter)sector networks with potential partners;
  • support a high quality and scientifically based approach to deal with alcohol and drugs issues.

VAD is for everyone: general public, intermediaries in the social sectors, government, the press, VAD members, and other organisations that are professionally engaged in prevention and assistance.

The cornerstones of the VAD activities are: publishing of information via channels such as Drugline, studies and research, prevention, assistance, and the creation and preparation of policy.

VAD is the partner organisation of the Flemish government dealing with the prevention of problems related to alcohol and other drugs.

VAD members work within the problem areas related to alcohol and other drug issues. We support each others' activities with our common knowledge and expertise.

VAD is active in very different networks within government, social sectors, and regional initiatives.